Alcohol Free Witch Hazel & Calamine Cream 100ml | Soothe Irritation & Haemorrhoids


  • We truly are The Witch Hazel Experts! Decades of experience with Witch Hazel Skincare. Our most traditional formula has been reinvented, by using ETHANOL FREE Witch Hazel (Alcohol Free)
  • A gentle and delicate formula that WONT dry your skin out. Blended perfectly with Calamine to help soothe skin irritations like rashes, spots, redness, itchy skin and Haemorrhoids.
  • This cream has been used for decades on irritated skin due to natural astringent and anti inflammatory properties. Quick absorbing and a light floral essence.
  • SCIENCE – This product is not 100% alcohol free. The witch hazel we use is 100% ethanol/alcohol free! Ethanol found in Witch Hazel can dry out your skin. That is why we have decided to take it out of our Witch Hazel.
  • This means that the Witch hazel we use in this formula is pure and not contaminated with harmful ethanol. The alcohols found in this product are either traces of preservatives to ensure bacteria does not contaminate the product, or used to help the emulsion process of making the cream. The emulsifying alcohols are made up of fatty acids and are not harmful to your skin

Our most traditional formula – reinvented with alcohol free witch hazel water (hamamelis virginiana). We have delicately blended our incredible alcohol free witch hazel water with calamine to form this soothing cream for irritated skin. Relieve redness, itchy skin, rashes, spots and haemorrhoids quickly with this fantastic blend of natural ingredients. This product is not 100% alcohol free. However, the witch hazel we use, which aslo happens to be one of the most prominent ingredients in this product, has no ethanol in. There are still traces in preservatives and our emulsifying waxes that help ensure bacteria does not contaminate the product. A worrying thing for skincare is if it has ethanol in. Normal witch hazel skincare often has ethanol in, which dries your skin out! We have now extracted the ethanol from our witch hazel to create a gentle yet effective skincare cream that includes alcohol free witch hazel




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