Men’s Post Shave Moisturising Cream | Witch Hazel, Basil & Cedarwood | Irritation Free Shave 100ml


  • Soothe and moisturise your skin after every shave.
  • Witch Hazel reduces irritation and redness especially after shaving
  • Delicately blended with natural essential oils to rejuvenate shaven skin and hair.
  • Cedarwood essence to energise your mornings.
  • Natural skincare for men to moisturise dry skin and irritated shaving.
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Shaving can be a pain sometimes, especially to your skin.  That is why we have created the Men’s After Shave Cream packed with Witch Hazel to reduce the chances of having irritated skin. Witch Hazel cream for men is a great natural post shave cream as Witch Hazel is a natural astringent. Therefore, to ensure smooth skin after shaving, we recommend you apply our shave cream directly after shaving, as it binds skin cells together, making it harder for chemicals and bacteria to inflame your skin.

Shaving affects the top layers of your skin and hair. Irritation can occur if this is not treated properly during and after the shave. With our expert formula, Witch Hazel would target the new layers of skin and tackle the bacteria or clogged pores created by shaving. We’ve also added in Basil Oil to prevent any breakouts that may occur from shaving.

This cream can be used for sensitive skin, and on any part of the body! Whether you’re shaving your face or body, applying this expertly designed formula will prevent irritations from shaving.


After shaving and cleaning the skin, apply a generous amount by massaging the cream into your skin. Rub until full absorbed. If skin starts to become dry, we recommend using a moisturiser on top of the cream.

All of our Witch Hazel products are vegan and have never been tested on animals. We also hand make and pot every single cream or oil in the UK!


Ingredients: Hamamelis Virginiana Olea Europeae Aqua Calamine Lanolin Cetearyl Alcohol PEG20 stearate Propylene Glycol Propyl Gallate Propyl  Paraben Citric Acid Neroli Extract Basil Extract Cedarwood Extract Camphor Extract


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