Rosewater, Aloe Vera & Witch Hazel Toner 250ml | Natural Traditional Toning Water

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  • We truly are The Witch Hazel Experts! Decades of experience with Witch Hazel Skincare. We now bring you a traditional formula containing simple ingredients
  • Every product we make is hand made, hand potted and never tested on animals. We make all of our products in the UK and try to source everything locally.
  • One of the best formulas for cleansing the skin. Removes all the the dirt, oils and bacteria inside pores to leave your skin naturally clean.
  • Made with Rosewater Concentrate – 10 x stronger than Rosewater in other skincare products. Combined with LOTS of Pure Witch Hazel Water bursting with Natural Astringent Properties
  • Automatically soothes your skin once cleaned with a generous amount of Aloe Vera delicately blended into this simple, natural formula
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A new product based on a traditional formula. This amazing natural toner is packed with 3 of the most naturally beneficial ingredients used in skincare. Rosewater. Witch Hazel. Aloe Vera. It does not get any better than this. Clean your skin properly with this intense yet gentle skin toner. Consisting of high anti-bacterial and astringent properties, and a beautiful aroma, give your skin exactly what it deserves.

  1. Sharon

    Feels super refreshing and lovely to be using something as natural as this.

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