Witch Hazel, Calamine & Tea Tree Cream 50g | Original Formula – Antibacterial Face & Body Cream


  • The Old, Trusted & Traditional Tea Tree Oil & Witch Hazel Cream great for joint pain, cooling and soothing skin, reducing inflammation and acne.
  • Established 1949! A traditional formula handmade in the UK packed with natural floral ingredients.
  • A thick nourishing cream with a floral essence to SOOTHE YOUR SKIN and reduce pain quickly.
  • Works well on RASHES, SORE SKIN and INFLAMED SKIN due to a generous amount of tea tree oil which is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
  • DECADES OF EXPERIENCE with witch hazel creams there really is no formula as good or as simple as this!


One of our most popular and original formulas, so traditional we decided to keep it in the original packaging. Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil work together perfectly. We decided to make it as a cream, rather than an oil because if you are trying to reduce oil, the last thing you want to be doing is adding more oil to your skin! Therefore, we have formulated a light and effective cream to help balance the oils in your skin, without harming or damaging the surface. Witch Hazel is rather powerful to the skin, as it has so many delicate properties that improve the skins cleanliness. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most effective antibacterial natural substances on the planet. That is why we suggest to use this product on the following: Acne, Oily Skin and Rosacea. Acne: Acne originates from stress and bacteria/dirt in pores. Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil are both antibacterial agents and work to reduce the dirt trapped in pores. The cream will also reduce any swelling or redness caused from acne to reduce visibility. Oily Skin: With Witch Hazel being a natural astringent, and Tea Tree being antiseptic, not only will this cream tighten your skin and pores, but it will clean them at the same time! Astringent means to bind cells together, therefore it creates less room for there to be oil in the skin. Antiseptic means to prevent growth of bacteria, therefore when your skin does tighten, it will be clean and healthy which in the long run will prevent acne. Rosacea: Anti-Inflammatory properties found in both Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil will easily reduce redness in your skin. The cream balances the Ph levels found in your skin and soothes any irritated or pressured skin! Directions: Apply daily, massage into skin until fully absorbed. Please check label for ingredients in case you are allergic to the product. If skin starts to become dry please apply moisturiser after using the cream to prevent dryness. Can be applied to any part of the skin, for any age! Handmade in the UK


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