Our Expert Advice on Witch Hazel, and Why You SHOULD Put It On Your Face or Body Daily.

Firstly, Witch hazel has been around for skincare treatments and medicinal purposes for centuries. It is a flowering plant with natural healing properties in all parts of the plant. If we separate the plant into 2 areas, there is the stem/bark and the flower. The stem/bark holds a high amount of tannins. Tannins are a class of astringents. Astringents shrink body tissue by binding together skin cells quickly. You should be using Witch Hazel on your face every day because it gets rid of excess oils and dirt from your skin by tightening pores and drying out oil, naturally cleaning your skin!

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The flower also holds anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Another reason why you should use Witch Hazel on your face is because it reduces acne and cleans your pores to prevent acne.

Witch Hazel is good for sensitive skin and scalp, as one of the main uses of Witch Hazel is to reduce inflammation. When delicately blended into a cream, like we do at The Witch Hazel Experts, skin irritations like insect bites, acne, stings, rashes, psoriasis, eczema and redness are soothed by the natural powers when rubbed in!

What we’ve have done at The Witch Hazel Experts Facilities is developed formulas that target different skin irritations and skin concerns. by blending Witch Hazel with other natural ingredients we have designed a skincare range to suit a wide spread of skin problems. An example of this would be our delightful blend of Distilled Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil. Click the link to see what this cream can do to your skin!

We call ourselves The Witch Hazel Experts because we have been involved with Witch hazel Skincare for decades, researching and developing face and body creams for thousands of customers with skin concerns.

We hand make and pot all of our Witch Hazel Creams in the UK. Our creams are Vegan and we have never tested on animals. We use very traditional Witch Hazel formulas to ensure every pot is packed with the natural benefits of Witch Hazel, and other natural ingredients we have blended.

If you want to know more about us, or our range of skincare please click here

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