Love your skin properly with a traditional Witch Hazel & Tea Tree formula.

Have you ever tried Distilled Witch Hazel blended with organic Tea Tree oil? You need to act quickly and get this fantastic blend onto your skin immediately! Check our amazon reviews!

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For decades we have been coming up with the perfect balances of natural ingredients, delicately blending them into our famous traditional Witch Hazel Cream to offer your skin exactly what it needs.

Im sure you’ve heard of Witch Hazel. It’s magical on your skin and is one of the most effective natural agents on the planet. Packed with astringent properties that tighten your skin cells protecting pores and preventing dirt or excess oils damaging your skin.

Witch Hazel can be used for many purposes, but when blended with organic Tea Tree Oil, you see the real magic happen. Tea Tree, which is also one of the worlds most known natural products of skincare, targets bacteria and redness/irritation to reduce pain and spreading of the bacteria. It is fast working irritation relief that leaves your skin smooth and rejuvenated.

After research, we have finally found the best formula to blend both Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil! Using a soft and subtle cream, we have created the perfect cream for skin irritation & swelling. The strong anti-bacterial properties of the Tea Tree oil have to be balanced with the calming and soothing properties of the Witch Hazel, to ensure your skin is relieved without any more damage to the skin.

With decades of experience with Witch Hazel, we can confidently say our new antiseptic cream with Tea Tree is our most effective formula yet. Take a look at our full range of Witch Hazel products.

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